Integrative Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga and Wellness Coaching

Move your Body, Center your Mind

As CEO and owner of Mind-Body Movement Center, I help women overcome health challenges that affect body, mind and spirit so that you can have a Mind and Body that you can call HOME.


  • Do you want freedom from pain medications and all of their side effects?

  • Not waking up well rested or experiencing an energy crash mid-day?

  • And how about painless sex? It shouldn’t hurt.

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome to control your leaks when you laugh, sneeze or workout?

  • Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea? Yeah, we can go there to help that.

  • How about a nutrition and exercise program to promote healthy bones? You don’t have to wait until you have osteoporosis?

  • Or maybe you want to feel less stressed out so you can be a more present parent, a patient child to your aging parents or an employee with clarity and resilience.

  • Preparing for a surgery coming up in 2-6 weeks? What about “Prehab” to prepare your mind, body and spirit for your surgery.

Who Are You?

You’re a woman age 35+ that wants an entire mind-body shift in this life. Tired of being tired. You’re ready to make changes starting today. You may just need a little guidance and support. You don’t want to go to one PT for your knee and another one for your back and another specialist for your pelvic pain. You relate to one or several of the above scenarios. We can begin to take a look to see how we can address each bit, Mind, Body, Lifestyle. And if I can’t help you, I have a team to refer you too. Sometimes, it takes a village. And sometimes, it’s already within you.

-Full 1 hour one-on-one sessions, no assistants

-Flexible schedule to meet yours

-You won’t have to wait a month to start feeling better

-Continued care via phone & email between sessions

-Accountability partner in your therapist

-Individual care, not a “cookie cutter” plan

Upcoming Events

 Strong Bones Without Drugs

4 Week Online Integrative Program

Did you know?

  • —Falls are a major threat to independence and health

  • —Nearly 1/3 of people over age 65 will have one fall each year; ½ of those over age 85 will have a fall

  • Of those that fall, many will end up in a nursing home

  • —One out of three older adults fall each year, less than half of these talk about it to their healthcare provider

This program is designed to give you empowering information on Movement, Nutrition and Stress Reduction to help support Healthy Bones. For those with osteoporosis, osteopenia or looking for prevention–you don’t have to wait for wellness! Workout and Yoga Sessions Included.

$510 Value for Only $167!

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