Tianna Meriage-Reiter, DPT, C-IAYT, WHC

How I transitioned from endless days of aching pain and feelings of hopelessness, to feeling empowered and vibrant again…and how you can too!

Hi, I’m Tianna. I’m a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a kitesurfer, a seeker of knowledge, a yoga instructor, a women’s health coach and a UCSF trained physical therapist.


Some thirteen years ago I was feeling lost in the medical system, particularly the workers comp system. Suffering from daily pain, fatigue, sadness and even rashes. I was given pain medications, offered x-rays, and prescribed physical/hand therapy that focused just on the body.  I was made to feel broken, without my own internal resources to find relief.  I tried yoga, but it just left my arms and neck burning.  One pain specialist looked at me and said, “Did you see the other people in the waiting room? You don’t belong here.”  I took his comments to mean that because I was so high-functioning, I didn’t fit into the traditional “chronic pain model.”

Then where did I belong? Nothing had worked up to that point.

My pain and symptoms followed me throughout and beyond PT school. At that time, there was little education about pain and pain resolution in PT education. Although it was a great program, it’s emphasis encompassed mostly the physical body. It was after PT school that I went back to yoga and pursued my training in therapeutic applications of yoga with Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and then yoga teacher training at Mount Madonna Institute. This led me to exploring new ideas about pain and pain science.

What was missing from the PT education, which yoga philosophy and arising pain science both encompass, is that we must consider the whole person in front of us (physical–body and nutrition, psycho-emotional, intellectual–wisdom, self learning, spiritual and energetic connections–breath).

Finally, relief. Seriously…….relief in my physical body. Resolution of my rashes. More energy. Feeling a more vibrant desire to live again. Empowerment to use my own internal sources (and also compassion for myself when I need to ask for help from others) so that I can continue to evolve in my ever changing internal and external landscape.

Now I enjoy:

  • Daily meditation and breath practice–40 minutes in the morning sets me off right in my day
  • Daily mindful movement/exercise–even if it’s just 15 minutes
  • Healthy nutrition that is right for me–believe me this is always evolving, because I am too!
  • Quality time with my husband every day
  • A good solid 7-8 hours of quality sleep–quality is key, not just the quantity!
  • Work that enriches me down to my core being

I want you to feel a sense of empowerment too! Your life may look nothing like mine above. But the similarity remains…..

Finding a transition from hopelessness, towards………reclaiming your life. And it takes evaluating and searching your “whole person,” not just your physical body.

I, like you, am more than just my physical ailments….I am a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a reader, a seeker, a yoga enthusiast, a lover of sunrises, a person that is sometimes in pain, a person that is sometimes sad, a person that struggles and a person that sometimes feels absolutely amazing and full of gratitude (this mostly).

Will you join me in creating a new journey, a new story for yourself?



Now to the perhaps boring, but necessary details:

I have a great interest right now in chronic pain, women’s health issues and how nutrition and lifestyle changes can be beneficial for all of this—making a few changes can make all the difference.


In addition to Mind-Body Movement Center, I also work on a limited per diem as a physical therapist at Alameda Orthopedic & Sports Therapy and Pacific Orthopedic & Sports Therapy (Hayward & Emeryville). And I have created 3rd Age Women’s Wellness, a wellness coaching and blog site for women’s health and resilience in their late 30’s and beyond. I also create the FreeStyle Sessions for FitStar Yoga (subsidary of Fitbit).


Mount Madonna Training Center, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 2016-2017. Getting to the roots of yogic philosophy. Based off of classical Ashtanga Yoga, which means Eight-limbed Yoga (ashta meaning eight, and anga meaning limb.) Each limb is addressed and asanas learned are taken from the Hatha Yoga system (referenced in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gherand Samita, and other Hatha yoga scriptures) as shared with us by their teacher, Baba Hari Dass.

Integrative Women’s Health Institute, 2014-2016; Women’s Health Coach (WHC = Certificate in health coaching, and nutrition as it regards to pelvic health and hormonal balance) IWHC badge

Professional Yoga Therapy Studies, North Carolina, 2008-2010; Professional Yoga Therapy Certification (PYT)

UC San Francisco/ San Francisco State, 2004-2007; Doctorate of Physical Therapy (PT, DPT)

Mesa College, San Diego, 2000; Fitness Specialist Certification

UC San Diego, 1994-1998; BS in Animal Physiology & Neuroscience; Minor in Health Care & Social Issues

Professional Affiliations:  American Physical Therapy Association;  International Association of Yoga Therapists. Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT

Volunteer Efforts:

Winter Special Olympics, Idaho, 2009; Healthy Athletes FunFitness, conducted brief evaluations of athletes and provided healthy tips for flexibility and strength.

Susan G Komen Walk for Breast Cancer, 2008 & 2010; Medical Tent, conducted evaluation and treatments for participants for musculoskeletal injuries as well as applying first aid.

RotaCare Bay Area, Inc, 2012; evaluated and treated patients at a free health clinic in San Leandro

Alameda Friendly Visitors, 2013-present; Visit a community member who is homebound and in need of companionship in Alameda, weekly to bi-weekly. A very rewarding experience. If you have time, consider signing up!