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Ahhhh…..3 Simple Poses/Practices for Awareness and Relaxation of the Pelvic Floor

So you’ve been told to do Kegel’s. Why? Possibly because you’ve been told you have incontinence or overactive bladder syndrome. But what if there is more to the story? What if you have pain “down there?” Or what if you have low back pain (LBP) or sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain? Kegel’s, or contracting and strengthening the pelvic floor may not be appropriate for you. Sometimes the muscles of the pelvic floor are overworked, or tense or hyperactive (you choose). And this imbalance between short/tight muscles may be at the source of your issue (pain, incontinence, etc).

Let’s put it this way: if you have a […]

Chronic Pain: Changing Your Brain

I was just looking through an old book I have on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). They go over the usual tips of relaxation, posture, and strengthening.  In 2006, I thought it to be a pretty comprehensive book to treat the RSI that I was dealing with at the time. But nothing in there approaches the science behind the pain and therefore, how we can make lasting changes.
The emerging science out there shows that with chronic and even acute […]

No effort in the path is ever lost

I started my Healthy Back Series class last week. My intention is to bring the yoga into science and keep the science in check with yoga.  And to bring awareness to…..well, awareness. And isn’t that what yoga is?  To yoke the mind and the body.  So that is how I started out.  Bringing in the awareness of our senses and our ability to intake from the world (our sensory cortex) and mindfully let it out to the world (our motor cortex).  And I provided a diagram of how our breath affects other aspects of our lives through the autonomic nervous system and feeds back […]

Moving through memories

I have been reading a Dr Peter Levine’s work on trauma that is held in our bodies.  Pain is truly cerebral.  His work takes people through the acts of moving and sensations rather than focusing on old memories.  I have been using guided imagery (bhavana) with my patients and uncovering deep seeded roots. The emphasis is purely on feeling sensations in their body, that they are only sensations from body to brain, that the brain is the creator of the emotional attachment.  And then….I have them imagine they are moving without fear of moving, without pain.  They either come out of it with uncontrolled […]

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