“Sideshow Bob” with a lesson in “Keeping Quiet”

I was pruning my bonsai tree (which was lovingly named “Sideshow Bob”) in the studio space today.  He often gets little brown ends on his long green strands. In the midst of thoughtfully removing the brown tips that I could find towards the back of his locks, I turned my attention  to his closer strands and noticed I had missed all the ones right in front of me.

And it dawned on me…..isn’t that the mindset that I (we) fall into so many times? Always looking past the present towards what will be, could be, might be…. And missing what is right there in front […]

No effort in the path is ever lost

I started my Healthy Back Series class last week. My intention is to bring the yoga into science and keep the science in check with yoga.  And to bring awareness to…..well, awareness. And isn’t that what yoga is?  To yoke the mind and the body.  So that is how I started out.  Bringing in the awareness of our senses and our ability to intake from the world (our sensory cortex) and mindfully let it out to the world (our motor cortex).  And I provided a diagram of how our breath affects other aspects of our lives through the autonomic nervous system and feeds back […]

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