Conditions treated include:

Persistent Pain: Persistent pain is pain that lasts more than 3 months.  And because pain can persist without tissue damage and also may originate from regions far from where we feel the pain, sometimes it can be difficult to treat.  But there is hope!  I will need to assess and address how your whole system is working together—for example, I can’t just treat your neck when you may have something going on at your pelvic floor. So don’t be surprised if we work on nutrition, breathing, and posture to treat your jaw pain.

  • Back and Hip Pain: Back pain is unfortunately all too common. It may be due to injury, posture, breathing patterns, lifestyle habits, trauma….I can help find the source of your pain and work towards a balanced mind and body.
  • Neck, Jaw and Shoulder Pain:  Pain while eating, chewing, yawning….clicking or popping in the jaw? Headaches? Difficulty reaching up or behind your back? It may be a combination of posture, daily habits, and imbalance of muscle and joint mobility. It also may be due to faulty breathing patterns and possibly issues down in the pelvic floor. I can assess and treat all of these to get you eating, smiling and waving again without pain.
  • These can all be related to women’s health issues including hormone balance, pelvic floor issues and digestion.

Women’s Health:  Your Women’s Health exam may include a internal exam of your pelvic region and vaginal canal with the use of 1-2 gloved fingers, if you provide consent.  This will involve an exam of the muscles and the skin of the region. I will test the strength of the pelvic floor by asking you to contract, relax, bear down and cough. This will provide the information necessary to assess and treat your symptoms and to help meet your goals. **There are many things I can assess without performing an internal exam, so if you are not comfortable with this, please don’t let that stop you from coming in to be seen.  It’a all about you!

  • Continence/Leakage Issues: Ever feel like you are going to the bathroom an awful lot? Or perhaps you feel like you have to go, but then you don’t have to go very much?  Ever leak a little when you cough, sneeze or do exercise?  Or perhaps you leak when you’ve got the urge to go to the bathroom and can’t quite make it to the toilet? I will tell you these things aren’t normal, and despite what others have told you…..they can be helped by integrative physical therapy.
  • Persistent Pelvic Pain: Sometimes after surgery in the pelvic/hip region or after pregnancy there may be lasting pain in the pelvic region. This is because scar tissue may have built up and tightened the area or things may have been stretched out so much that the tissues are no longer able to support the weight of the urogenital organs. There are other reasons for pain in this region which would also need to be assessed–inflammation is a big one.  This could lead to pain with urination, bowel movements, sex and sitting. So, I can help you get to the literal root of the issue.
  • Peri-menopausal, Menopausal, Post-menopausal Transitions:  Sleep, digestion, mood, sex, energy…..these can all be affected when our hormones begin that natural shift into the 3rd Age.  Let’s work together to find out a personal plan to make the transition a little less miserable and a lot more enjoyable–some simple things may make all the difference!

And I know that ongoing pain disrupts sleep, digestion, mood and your overall joy of life.  So, we will be looking at all of these things too.  You are not your pain!


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