Graded motor imagery:

Sometimes when we have had pain for a long time (or even with acute pain), the entire nervous system makes changes, from the receptors in your skin, to the spinal cord, and finally in the brain. Pain was meant to be a danger signal. However, sometimes the danger signals are not accurate. In a spilt second, our nervous system will send a signal beyond our control. Emerging science from Dr Lorimer Moseley and Dr David Butler out of Australia has given us some hope. They have found that cortical (brain) changes begin to occur with persistent pain states. That area of the brain that represents your painful area is now “smudged.” They have developed training called Graded Motor Imagery (GMI), that involves left/right discrimination, explicit motor imagery and mirror therapy. Please see my blog post for more information about what is involved in this type of therapy, by clicking here.

mirror therapy

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