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Private Physical Therapy Consult/Treatment (one-on-one): Includes individualized hoe exercise or lifestyle plans. I will assess your posture, gait, and balance if necessary.   This is the best way to create an environment that supports healing that is specific to you. Please the FAQ’s section for additional description……Available for home visits or in-studio.  (60 -90minutes)

Sessions may include the following:

·         Soft tissue mobilization: After assessing your range of motion, your nervous system and posture, manual therapy may be utilized to release the neuromuscular and  myofascial restrictions to improve movement, increase circulation and decrease pain.

·         Joint mobilization: After assessing your range of motion of the joints, gentle joint mobilization may be used to improve mobility. Joint mobilization is a type of passive movement of a skeletal joint.

·         Manual stretching: After assessing your posture and range of motion, manual stretching (often with soft tissue mobilization) may be utilized to improve flexibility.

·         Therapeutic Exercise: After assessing your strength, flexibility, posture and balance, we will develop a therapeutic exercise program that is designed for you. 

·         Wellness/Lifestyle suggestions: Based on Ayurvedic and yogic principles and with your personal goals in mind, we will develop a plan to complement your physical needs.

·         Therapeutic yoga: Therapeutic yoga “integrates structural alignment, evidence based biomechanics, physiological foundations, functional outcomes, research, complementary and alternative medicine methods, western rehabilitation and psychology with yoga and Ayurveda” (PYTS).  This form of therapy will likely be included in your traditional therapy in the forms of breathing and awareness. 

·         Graded motor imagery: GMI is a rehabilitation process used to treat pain and movement problems related to altered nervous systems. This is done by exercising the brain in measured and monitored steps which increase in difficulty as progress is made. This may be beneficial for anyone in a chronic pain state. Find more at the GMI site.

·         Neuro-muscular re-education: You may benefit from this to improve which include improving balance, coordination, posture and proprioception. I also use guided imagery to re-educate the neuro-muscular system.

***If you are being seen for physical therapy, you must have a diagnosis from a physician. It is also helpful to have a written referral for physical therapy with a diagnosis.  Even if we are not submitting for insurance reimbursement, it is California Law that we must have a diagnosis in order to treat you.