Elastic bands used for building upper and lower extremity strength. Portable and easy to use anywhere!
$3/band Available in Easy (Red), Medium (Green) and Hard (Blue)

Dr Hoy’s Natural Pain Relief Gel:
Pain relief gel for use for achey muscles, persistent pain, headaches. Slight menthol smell but much less than others such as Biofreeze and Icey-Hot. Also has Arnica in it for anti-inflammatory benefits.
$11.50/4 oz tube (also have small sample packets for free!)

$13.50/ 4 oz tube of Arnica Boost—same great relief, without the menthol scent

Dancing Otter Herbal Miracle Balm:
Balm for those sore achey joints or muscles. Or for lubricating dry skin. Also has Arnica and other herbs for anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits.
$12/1 oz tin (only x1 left!)

Emerson Ecologics: We like the Pure Encapsulations product line. Patient access code is MBMC25. Using this link and code, you will receive 15% off.


Mind-Body Movement Store:
Follow this Link to the Amazon Store of suggested products. We’ve pulled these recommended products so you don’t have to search around for nutrition, exercise and yoga.

Dr Hoys, Herbal Balm, Theraband

Dr Hoys, Herbal Balm, Theraband


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