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IMG_2815What is “Integrative Physical Therapy?”

Integrative Physical Therapy is the whole package!  I look at you as a whole: body, mind and spirit. You are not just your physical injury, so I don’t treat you as such.

I integrate my knowledge of physical therapy, yoga, and integrative health/nutrition coaching to see you through a whole person lens.

  • If you are wanting just yoga, choose the Private Therapeutic Yoga option or come to my classes.

  • If you are wanting Women’s Health Coaching, choose that option.

  • If you want the Whole Package, in terms of my integration of all of my knowledge, then please look into the Integrative Physical Therapy options.

Because the body is so connected, it is hard to only address one single “part,” as though we could be partitioned out into sections.  That is why you may be experiencing neck and jaw pain and also, may be having pelvic pain or leakage.  And it may be why you lose your balance a lot when you have back pain. So, I cannot address one body “part” without addressing the whole person.

And I know that ongoing pain disrupts sleep, digestion, mood and your overall joy of life.  So, we will be looking at all of these things too.  Your pain should not define you!

  • Persistent Pain: When pain persists past 3 months, it is then considered persistent (or chronic) pain.

    • Back and Hip pain

    • Neck/jaw/shoulder pain

    • Headaches

  • Women’s Health:

    • Continence issues: Leakage upon sneeze, cough; Overactive Bladder

    • Persistent pelvic pain, painful sex,

    • Digestive issues: Constipation/Fecal Incontinence

    • Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

  • Prehab: Preparing mind, body and spirit for surgery. What’s involved with prehabilitation?  Exercise, to include strength, flexibility and balance.  Also to prep you for any assistive devices you might be using, such as cane, crutches, walker. Good nutrition. And mindfulness and breathing practices. I usually encourage them to start prepping for their surgery at least 2 week if not 6 weeks prior. See my blog post to find out more. 


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