Third Age Women’s Wellness

 What is the “Third Age?”  The transition period in women’s lives starting from late 30’s and beyond. It is a transition phase filled with changes in focus of family, career, hormones, energy levels, metabolism, and where we fit in in our world.

But ladies, it does not have to be miserable. We can enter into this GRACEFULLY, starting even in our 30’s to build RESILIENCE, without NIGHT SWEATS or HOT FLASHES, feeling full of VITALITY, with great STRENGTH o3rd Age Womens Wellness180x343pxsmallf mind and body and SEXY too!

Ever heard your inner voice saying?…….

  • I’m so tired

  • I feel bloated and gassy. I’m not pooping regularly.

  • My breasts are really tender right before my period. I feel sad and irritable all at the same time.

  • I wake up tired. I have trouble falling asleep.

  • I can’t seem to get a good nights sleep without Ambien. I am hotter than a mid-summer day in Las Vegas. Tired, oh so tired.

  • I feel fat and bloated. I’m lost and overwhelmed. And did I mention I’m beyond tired?

  • Am I crazy? Is something wrong with me?

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What is Health Coaching?  Check out the video below to hear my analogy.