Shoulder Series

Find pain relief and strength with yoga, breath and posture for rotator cuff injury

I created these a couple years ago but realized I never really posted them here. So here they are! There are certainly other aspects I would address, such as lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, etc. However, the emphasis of this post is on the physical.

What you will find:

    1. Introduction to this Shoulder Series

    2. Caution about these exercises

    3. Posture and shoulder pain

    4. Dolphin Glides for shoulder strength

    5. Alternate Leg Lift with Strap for shoulder strength

    6. Side Planks for shoulder strength

    7. Sleeper Stretch at the wall

    8. Sleeper Stretch sidelying

    9. Shoulder Opener with strap

    10. Neck Stretches for Shoulder Pain

    11. Triceps Stretch

    12. Posterior (back of) Shoulder Stretch–Eagle Arms

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