“Grateful for Tianna’s guidance-experience and dedication to making these classes such a valuable part of my life style!” Maria MCCord, Alameda 2013

“I am 86 years old and first began working with Tianna over a year ago to find relief from severe sciatic pain as well as weakness in my back and legs. Over the past year, Tianna has helped me gain mobility, balance, and strength to prevent falls. Working with her has improved my walking and balance. I’ve also experienced a significant reduction in pain. Tianna knows her field thoroughly. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking help in these areas.”–Sam Pichey, Alameda, CA, February 2013

“This was my first yoga class and I truly enjoyed it, Tianna is a wonderful teacher! Highly recommended. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.”–Maria A, Alameda 2012

“I highly recommend Tianna!  Due to age and lack of stretching, I was getting less and less limber. I had a few painful pulled muscles that made it difficult to walk for days and finally decided I needed to do something before the tightness became a chronic problem. I thought I would try yoga but was intimidated because I couldn’t even touch my toes! I picked Tianna’s class because she is a physical therapist as well as yoga instructor. What a great decision!!! She is respectful and knowledgable of what the body should and should not be feeling. In the year since I started classes, I have not had a muscle cramp and can see great improvement in my flexibility.  And while that would be enough, during Tianna’ class, my brain stops racing and churning, and in return I get an hour of calm. The resulting emotional lift was an unexpected gift and adds to why I recommend Tianna without reservations.”–Jaye R, Alameda 2012

“Tianna’s yoga classes are really wonderful, esp. for persons who have any kind of discomforts. She can help you modify poses so you can still do the poses and get the benefits in your body of the poses. I would highly recommend her classes.”–Janice L, Alameda 2012

” Tianna’s yoga class has given my stiff body of 55 a restart. I have been going since November 2010. I came in with disc problems and hip problems and they have been livable without surgery. After 22 physical rehabilitation visits, yoga was my last choice. And it has been the best. It’s 50 minutes of wonderful stretches and flexibility.” –Ken S. Alameda, 2012

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