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“There are a number of helpful things you’ve done for me over these past months – but the one that stands out the most, is that you allowed me to be myself, even when I wasn’t sure who that is.”K.A., Oakland 2017

“I deeply appreciated your services. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe through the “excitement” and recognize my symptoms.”Alex, Alameda 2017

I wanted to let you know that I’m feeling much better. After we met on Thursday, I went for a slow mile jog just to see how it felt. It was better, and I made sure to work out the muscle with the stick afterwards. The next day I felt a bit stiff, but better. Today I went for a 1.5 mile run which went better than I thought it would. I tried to run a slower pace and was pleasantly surprised with my time. What’s even better is that I’m feeling good again now. That’s after a lot more stretching and doing those exercises, plus also using the muscle stick very aggressively on the muscle and also pressing hard on the muscle with my thumbs and fingers while rubbing Voltaren gel into the leg. I’m feeling SO much better since seeing you. Thank you once again for doing wonderful work on me and getting me better!!  I’ll be sure to stay with the exercises and working the muscle with my hands and fingers. Thank You!!!!“–Tony, Alameda, CA 2017


Thank you so much for your expertise, I learned the proper way to do several moves and you gave me much insight on really getting to those hard to reach muscles. Having a therapist teach is so rare and such a valuable tool in doing moves properly I found much value in not settling for any old class at a gym chain with someone who just got their certificate to teach in the mail.  I hope you have much success  with your classes and people realize the safety and expertise of being thought by a professional Physical Therapist, Thank You.”–Jodi V. Alameda, CA 2015


Thank you for the care and attention that you provide in your class.  I, and my shoulder, felt very safe in your kind expertise.”–Diana C. Alameda, CA 2014


Since fracturing my hip last year I have had a fair amount of good physical therapy. I had a total hip replacement two months ago and while waiting to get my regular therapy appointment I scheduled time with Tianna. I am so pleased I did. In the first session she greatly increased my range of motion and got me walking more normally. I am looking forward to more sessions with her.“–Lance R. Alameda, CA 2014


“Tianna is unparalleled in her precision and her compassion as a physical therapist and movement counselor. She guides you through your own body’s holding patterns, always supportive and non-judgmental in sharing techniques to release them. Highly recommended”!–Melissa M. Alameda, CA 2014


“It has been such a great experience working with Tianna after my knee replacement. I was feeling pretty hopeless but we’ve made fantastic progress. Tianna has a lot of good ideas and sound advice. I highly recommend her.”–Georgie P. Alameda, CA 2014


“What a wonderful experience with Tianna. She is thorough and thoughtful and looks at the physical and emotional impacts on one’s health. I’m so happy to be working with her!”–Gwen M. Alameda, CA 2014


“Mind-Body Movement Center brings together a rare combination of skills and talents, including not only physical therapy and individual yoga instruction, but also great listening and measurable progress toward goals for health, including energy, sleep quality, strength and weight loss. Tianna also shows genuine compassion and a great sense of humor. I always come away from a session feeling lots better than when I went in. With Tianna’s guidance, I’ve established a rewarding and safe daily yoga practice.”–Mary F. Alameda, CA 2013


About two years ago, while working out at the Gym and playing golf I experienced a full tear in my Rotator Cuff Tendon and bicep tendon.  I sought surgical care and after a successful operation and thirty to forty five days of rest and a lot of Ice I sought out the services of Tianna Meriage a licensed Physical Therapist with extensive experience and Academic Training.  It was my lucky day!  Over the succeeding six to eight weeks I saw Tianna at her offices at Alameda Orthopedic & Sports Therapy. My experience with Tianna has been wonderful.  She has great knowledge and skill!  She is gentle but realizes sometimes a little bit of pain indicates how one is progressing and the patient has to accept that. Tianna has decided to leave Alameda Orthopedic & Sports Medicine and venture out on her own.  I am absolutely convinced she will be successful and patients who utilize her services will greatly benefit.– Brinley A. Alameda, CA 2013


I came to Tianna as a patient through a referral.  My issue was waking up with a numb right arm.  I am an extremely active person, I swim twice a week and do pilates twice a week.  But I also spend time on a keyboard and I am an avid knitter, which uses very repetitive motions.  Tianna did a very thorough evaluation and then worked on ALL facets of my body:

  • she did physical work with the arm and shoulder
  • she worked with a program that evaluated how much I compensated and talked to me about unevenness
  • she devised a plan for when I knit, how to ensure I don’t aggravate the area
  • she worked with a program to show me exactly what my posture was (forward, tilted offcenter) and gave me some cues for being more aware and making corrections.
  • She gave me some exercises and stretches to do and, unlike other times when I’ve been given exercises, Tianna gave me pictures and clear steps.

I haven’t experienced the numbness for a few months now and feel that I have a multi-faceted plan to address it, should it come back.  I would refer Tianna in a heartbeat!” —Jean T. Oakland, CA 2013


“Grateful for Tianna’s guidance-experience and dedication to making these classes such a valuable part of my life style! Here at Tianna’s Mind-Body Movement Center you will feel listened to & respected & rejuvenated! Her extensive PT & Yoga training & Mindfullness made such a difference in my own health and wellness! Please come and share in her talents & healing energy!”–Maria M. Alameda, CA 2013


“I am 86 years old and first began working with Tianna over a year ago to find relief from severe sciatic pain as well as weakness in my back and legs. Over the past year, Tianna has helped me gain mobility, balance, and strength to prevent falls. Working with her has improved my walking and balance. I’ve also experienced a significant reduction in pain. Tianna knows her field thoroughly. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking help in these areas.”–Sam P. Alameda CA,  2013


“This was my first yoga class and I truly enjoyed it, Tianna is a wonderful teacher! Highly recommended. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.”Maria A. Alameda, CA 2012


“I highly recommend Tianna! Due to age and lack of stretching, I was getting less and less limber. I had a few painful pulled muscles that made it difficult to walk for days and finally decided I needed to do something before the tightness became a chronic problem. I thought I would try yoga but was intimidated because I couldn’t even touch my toes! I picked Tianna’s class because she is a physical therapist as well as yoga instructor. What a great decision!!! She is respectful and knowledgable of what the body should and should not be feeling. In the year since I started classes, I have not had a muscle cramp and can see great improvement in my flexibility. And while that would be enough, during Tianna’ class, my brain stops racing and churning, and in return I get an hour of calm. The resulting emotional lift was an unexpected gift and adds to why I recommend Tianna without reservations.”Jaye R. Alameda, CA 2012



“Tianna’s yoga classes are really wonderful, esp. for persons who have any kind of discomforts. She can help you modify poses so you can still do the poses and get the benefits in your body of the poses. I would highly recommend her classes.”Janice L. Alameda, CA 2012


“Tianna’s yoga class has given my stiff body of 55 a restart. I have been going since November 2010. I came in with disc problems and hip problems and they have been livable without surgery. After 22 physical rehabilitation visits, yoga was my last choice. And it has been the best. It’s 50 minutes of wonderful stretches and flexibility.”Ken S. Alameda, CA 2012