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The healing process does not just involve manual therapy, but also involves making a commitment to changing your lifestyle. This may be a change in your daily habits: drinking water, diet, supplements, exercise, stress relieving activities, and sleep. What are the things you do every day that could be affecting your health and your body’s ability to heal? Together, we will discover these habits and discuss ways in which you could make small changes to greatly affect your health. We respect that you are not just body, but also mind and spirit. You have a family, a job, a pet, hobbies and you need to manage it all. Knowing that “the only constant is change,” start changing those habits today.  What may have worked in your 20’s may not be serving you now.

New: In particular, Tianna can assist you with nutrition and lifestyle as it regards to your pelvic health (pain, incontinence, digestive issues, sexuality, just to name a few).  Didn’t think nutrition and lifestyle had anything to do with it?  Time to change your perspective……and your body and mind!

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