Hi, I’m Tianna!

How’d I transition from endless days of aching pain and feelings of hopelessness, to feeling empowered and full of hope again? See below.

I’m a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a kitesurfer, a seeker of knowledge, a yoga therapist, a health coach and a licensed physical therapist

I went to school to become a physical therapist because of my own pain story (read that HERE). I wanted to share ways to help others shift out of their own pain story.

By the end of PT grad school, I knew I wanted to venture into a more holistic practice. So I took on becoming a certified Yoga Therapist. This helped to continue to shift my pain story and to guide others to do the same.

A desire to learn more about nutrition so I could help myself (read more HERE), as well as my clients recover from injury and pain, led me to become certified as a health coach with Integrative Women’s Health Institute.

This took me on a path to learning so much more than just nutrition….to the toxins that affect our body and hormonal system to natural ways to help bring our systems back to balance.

And that’s where I am today….I am a rooted tree, sprouting from these connections in my work through PT, to Yoga Therapy to Health Coaching.

I hope we get to meet each other soon., so I can find out more of your story.


Tianna Meriage-Reiter, DPT, C-IAYT


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Ready to get started with a very SIMPLE way to begin your journey with me?

Then join me with this 7 Day Back to Basics & Being Well Program

back to basics & being well program

Exploring daily habits (exercise, meditation/prayer, diet), moods, sleep, energy and digestion can give valuable insight into possibilities for you to feel Energetic and Healthy again.

And having someone on the other end, to be your partner, is Priceless, because connecting the dots is your health landscape can be challenging.

For someone who has insight to see beyond what you might not? For someone to guide you towards body-mind awareness like you have never done before? For someone to begin to give you your power back? Is your health and well being worth $4 a day?