Scroll below for scheduling availability. Pricing is listed within the scheduling area within each service. If you can’t find a time that works for you, please email me directly, as I may have openings available that are not listed.

***I’m triple vaxed and have had COVID, but I’m still wearing a mask because it can come around again. Your choice if you want to mask during our sessions. 

Here are ways we can work together:


  • Telehealth & Your Home or Office Visits: Schedule Below (Great if you don’t want to go through insurance/physician visit or have Kaiser, and you want up to 60 minute sessions). Serving Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley. No more than a few stairs, as I’m bringing my table in tow.


  • Home Visits through Luna PT (Great if you want to go through insurance, use of the Luna App for exercises, 45-55 minute sessions). Please let me know and I’ll send you a referral invite. Or if you call directly, please tell them that Tianna Meriage-Reiter sent you and you’d like to sign up with me.


  • Telehealth + Ongoing Exercise & Accountability Program through Joint Academy for those with Hip, Knee or Hand Osteoarthritis, Shoulder Pain and Low Back Pain. Please use this link to sign up with me directly, otherwise you’re assigned with a random PT.  Many of my patients are getting better and avoiding surgery through this program.

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