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With my background of Yoga Therapy, which includes aspects of Ayurveda, I often think of skincare in terms of Ayurveda and finding balance.


When it comes to my connection and trust in Beautycounter, I’ve often thought, “how can I put our products into categories to address the different doshas?” (if you don’t know my WHY behind choosing Beautycounter, find that HERE.)

This is that guide.


But first, before we get to that, you may need to figure out your dosha and how it might be imbalanced. Read this post first and take the dosha test to find outCome back when you’ve got your dosha.


Ok, now that you have your dosha—again, you may have 1 or 2 doshas you are aligned with and we can be imbalanced within those as well. This guide is based on your dosha when you’re balanced. I’ve given products that may be better for each dosha.

Beautycounter Product Guide per Dosha

If you’re more Pitta: you want cooling moisture like you get with a toner, coconut, mint, calendula


If you’re more Vata: you run dry so you’re going to want something with more moisture, and some of these have lovely essential oils to calm that vata mind


If you’re more Kapha: you run more moist, so less moisture is more, especially want to stay away from oil moisturizers


Sun Products for all Doshas


Products for all Doshas

Here’s me with Skin Twin Foundation and the Flawless in Five set


**Please note that treating skin concerns is best done with a whole-person treatment plan. Meaning, you can’t just use cleaner, safer skin care lines like Beautycounter. However, that should always be part of the plan. So while I have suggested some products that may be better for some doshas, I am not “prescribing” them for everyone. If you need more assistance in getting to the bottom of things (sometimes skin issues arise with other health concerns like hair falling out, digestive disturbances, or pain), please contact Tianna. These should be looked at from a whole person view. And if you’ve used Beautycounter before, let me know what you loved or didn’t love. I look forward to hearing from you.