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Hey ya’ll!

I used to eat cereal every morning. Loved it! But then I would crash mid morning. Droopy eyes. Wondering when I could get a break to go get some coffee mid-day.


It’s no wonder, most cereals have very little protein. And high carbs. So energy rush after first eating and then crash as your body digests it quickly.


We need to have protein and a little fat with each meal to slow down the digestion process and also to help with satiety, or feeling full.


My husband still eats cereal every morning and will literally be seeking out snack an hour after eating breakfast. No joke. Finally got him onto a higher protein cereal and a boiled egg for breakfast to help sustain the day. And he was sold. No more going to work and feeling lethargy and unable to get things done. Now he’s got energy to get him at least until lunch.


I made the switch to a protein shake+ maybe 6 years ago. And I’ve never turned back. I have more energy throughout the day. Sometimes don’t even need to eat lunch, because I feel satisfied. Little snacks of apple with nut butter and I’m good.


Not only do I have the energy kick, but it’s also helped me keep weight off. That and other things like daily movement. But when I feel satisfied in the AM, I am less sugar-seeking in the PM. Helps keep the blood sugar balanced, so no high-lows anymore.


Below is an older video of my favorites to add to my morning smoothie to make it not only energy sustaining, but also hormone balancing. The only thing I don’t use at the moment is the Collagen powder. I’ve switched to MycoPure Immue-Assist for the protein. Add some avocado and you’ve got a rich shake with some healthy fat to keep you going throughout the day. Plus it’s got fermented mushrooms for immune support.


Plus now I add in a scoop of Essentia Greens, with antioxidants from berries, and detox greens like beets, cruciferous veggies, plus nutrient dense spirulina and chlorella.



And, here’s a HANDOUT for my favorite ingredients

So, what are you having for breakfast? The Best Morning Smoothie?

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