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This is my first experience with a one-on-one physical therapist. I was referred to her by an acupuncturist, and I am so grateful for the referral. From the beginning, I felt listened to;  my reporting of my symptoms was validated by her treatment. I was surprised at how well my body and mind responded positively to her suggestions and modeling. Her recommendations were clear, and the written instructions quickly followed each session. Just as valuable was her encouragement which really motivated me.

I started treatment hobbling in and hunched over, dependent on a walker. At home I scooted around on an office chair. Two sessions later, I  am walking independently, relying on 2 hiking poles. Those of you who have been in such conditions can appreciate how much freedom this kind of improvement brings. Thank you, Tianna, keep on helping us.
–Dorothy K.

Tianna’s personalized approach to rehabilitation was perfect for me.  I’ve struggled on-and-off for years to have a regular exercise routine but have been plagued by small injuries.  Tianna spent the time necessary to understand the causes of my injuries and chart out a clear path to recovery and prevention.  The combination of her coaching skills and therapeutic training meant that I am now running injury free after just two sessions and following her yoga inspired exercise routine at home.


From the beginning, Tianna instilled confidence, skill and a calming energy which is essential for healing. We have worked with many PT’s in the past over the years – both in home and out. Dad has had multiple falls over the years, and has experienced a steady decline in his strength and mobility, which has been extremely challenging on so many levels. Dad is 87, so we were aware that our goal for PT was to manage “what is” so as to avoid further decline, and to build overall strength wherever possible. Tianna has also helped tremendously with facilitating a shift in habitual physical patterns in order to move with more awareness and safety. 

With all the major life transitions that our father has been going through, Tianna has been a solid and consistent support which has made her incredibly valuable. Tianna is everything we need in a PT: she is highly skilled, insightful, thorough, professional, warm, grounded, patient and kind. We trust her, and dad trusts her. Tiana is a holistic practitioner, her experience with yoga translates into her offering a complete mind-body connection within her work. We are so grateful for the privilege of working with Tianna, and plan to continue this collaboration for what we hope will be a very long time.


I went to Tianna for PT after a recent auto accident. I had done PT before, so knew what to expect. However, the experience with Tianna was different and better in the sense that she took a more holistic approach about my physical condition. The PT sessions with her alleviated the aches and pains from the accident. But I liked the fact that she enquired about my other health issues and suggested changes in diet, sleeping and exercise to get more healthy. I found them useful and they are helping me focus on improving my overall health.


Tianna was amazing! I went to her for lower back pain, expecting to hear to do more kegels, back off the HIIT workouts, let your body heal longer (since I gave birth 10 months ago). But I was pleasantly surprised at her thorough evaluation and her easy yet super effective recommendations! After doing some relaxation poses and focuses on allowing my pelvic floor to just relax more, the pain is virtually gone after just a few days of this! She was so caring and focused on a whole body approach. I can not recommend her enough!!


Tianna is a wonderful, knowledgable physical therapist whose treatments are highly effective. She is also a great “coach” to keep exercising, using smart nutritional guidelines, and any other aspects of health you can ask her about. I would never go to to any one else!


I think we have all experienced many challenges in this current political climate.  When there are additionally personal and physical challenges; life can become overwhelming and almost penalizing.  I was in perhaps my darkest period last summer, I had gained over 50lbs in a few months, I had lost direction, I had relocated to a place which caused me to face some deep past traumas, and I am of an age where my body decided to slow down and change gears.
I did my research and I shortlisted three specialists, and after sessions with each of them I recognized how important and helpful Tianna’s experience, training, and approach would be.  
I can not imagine, nor do I wish to imagine, where I could be without having had her help, support, insight, and some very practical physical therapy and training — I am a stronger and healthier person from my time with her.  
Whatever your level of challenges, Tianna will approach them holistically and help you to find your strength and renewed will to thrive.


There are a number of helpful things you’ve done for me over these past months – but the one that stands out the most, is that you allowed me to be myself, even when I wasn’t sure who that is.


I deeply appreciated your services. Thank you for teaching me how to breathe through the “excitement” and recognize my symptoms


Thank you so much for your expertise, I learned the proper way to do several moves and you gave me much insight on really getting to those hard to reach muscles. Having a therapist teach is so rare and such a valuable tool in doing moves properly I found much value in not settling for any old class at a gym chain with someone who just got their certificate to teach in the mail.  I hope you have much success  with your classes and people realize the safety and expertise of being thought by a professional Physical Therapist, Thank You


It has been such a great experience working with Tianna after my knee replacement. I was feeling pretty hopeless but we’ve made fantastic progress. Tianna has a lot of good ideas and sound advice. I highly recommend her.


What a wonderful experience with Tianna. She is thorough and thoughtful and looks at the physical and emotional impacts on one’s health. I’m so happy to be working with her!


Mind-Body Movement Center brings together a rare combination of skills and talents, including not only physical therapy and individual yoga instruction, but also great listening and measurable progress toward goals for health, including energy, sleep quality, strength and weight loss. Tianna also shows genuine compassion and a great sense of humor. I always come away from a session feeling lots better than when I went in. With Tianna’s guidance, I’ve established a rewarding and safe daily yoga practice.


Grateful for Tianna’s guidance-experience and dedication to making these classes such a valuable part of my life style! Here at Tianna’s Mind-Body Movement Center you will feel listened to & respected & rejuvenated! Her extensive PT & Yoga training & Mindfullness made such a difference in my own health and wellness! Please come and share in her talents & healing energy!