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Hey you!

Wish I could get some pain relief and could feel better today. How many times have you said that this year?


So, nothing like getting sick to make carving out some dietary triggers a little easier.


I finally received the “Great Alameda Cold,” (at least that’s what I’m calling it–because not one person that came to class or to my office for private sessions mentioned either having a cold or knowing someone that did).


And like many things that seem negative at first, it was actually a good thing. 


  • I recorded this “Yoga When You’re Sick” session, because I just couldn’t find one on YouTube that I thought was appropriate for when you actually have an upper respiratory thing going on(some poses are not for everyone, so please modify as needed!)
  • I took respite from my computer for most of the time. That felt like a much needed respite(as you can see, it didn’t last too long)
  • It snapped me right into carving out things that my body just did not want to take in. Like coffee, alcohol, most sugar. You know, all the good stuff.


But a little voice had been whispering to me to carve these things out for a while. I had just gotten really good at making more noise to block it out.  And you know once you’re on a “need to have” basis, it’s a little hard to do unless being dragged into it (and illness does that)


And this is what usually happens when I carve these things out. I lose a little weight (5 pounds this round in one week, without really trying). And I lose the cravings. The “need to have” basis is now a “hmmmm, don’t really feel like my body wants that right now” basis.  And my digestion had been a little sluggish and it’s back on track now


So, I never give these examples as a “hey, look at me!”  I’m an introvert so less attention is always a good thing in my book. 


But it is to show by example of what can happen when you really make an effort to do one of these elimination diets. And really it’s just about starting it…..that really is the hardest part.


Once you start, though…..the way you feel will keep you wanting to stay on course.


Imagine getting a hold of your insomnia.
Imagine resolving your migraines.
Imagine figuring out what flares your arthritis pain.
Imagine finally getting rid of the gas and bloating


So, if you’re at all interested in feeling better now, take a look at some of my Health Coaching options….we don’t have to live anywhere near each other….how cool is that!

Could 2020, be the year you gave it a shot? I’ll be there by your side, walking you home.

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I was touched by your story. I wanted you to know that I took your pain class a couple years ago, and it helped me immensely. Not only is my body now more limber so I have less pain, but I know how to work with stretching to relieve the pain and with my mind to stop the panic cycle. It has made a huge  difference.–Joan