health coaching for pain relief

Hey you!

We don’t always think about health coaching for pain relief, do we? And when I talk about pain, it doesn’t always have to manifest as physical pain…there are a lot of presentations of pain. Like the pain I experienced by not following through on various projects…..


So, I’ve had this project on my mind, that I actually started on November 10th. I know, because I sent an email to myself that day (todays post-it) to remind myself to complete what I started


And pretty soon, it’s a fixture in my inboxSnuggled in there like that old pile of clothes sitting on the closet floor that you know you need to take out to donate. Hey, Tianna, I’m still here!


Got your own post-its or piles? 


Well, I get an offer to have a complimentary life/health coaching session through my cost-sharing health plan, Knew Health. Pretty cool, right? And I’m thinking I’m going to have some grand clarity session about my distant dreams and goals.  


And that did come up. 


But what we circled back to was what would help me shore up 2019 feeling like I could move into 2020 feeling good about my future goals. 


And that email post-it came to mind. A sense that yes, I wanted to pick at that again. But also with a little dread….what was underneath that pile? I couldn’t remember how deep it was. How much had I actually gotten too?


But I confirmed with the coach that I was going to address it, because it would really make me feel good heading into 2020 having taken care of it. And it’s kind of important….re-designing services and webpages within my business to align with helping people in shifting their pain experience. 


And not only did I commit to doing this…..but I committed to doing it that day. Actually within the following 90 minutes after I got off the phone to her. No dilly dallying this time.


And get this….I didn’t even need to be accountable to her, because this was a one-off complimentary offer and there was no following up with her. Turns out the accountability was all on me. And I took the challenge.


You know what? I did it!Peeled up the crusty beginnings of my project and I smoothed it out. Gathered up the old and hung up the new


Gosh, and it only took someone else, a coach, to help shift my perspective. Put it all into a new light about the importance of what I was trying to manifest. Yes, the why is important. 


And not to mention the joy that came from deleting that email post-it. Because it not only made space (mentally and physically—I love a sparsely filled inbox), but it means that I’m that much closer to my alignment for 2020. 


So, tell me, what is it that you are trying to manifest for 2020What could you do in the next few weeks that could make it feel like you’ve made commitments in alignment with your intentions for the coming year? 


The holidays are upon us, and it might be a hard to time to make changes NOW. But we can be thinking towards the beginning of 2020 as a start point to make some shifts. 


If you’ve got some nagging symptoms that have become your “to do list,” (pain, digestive woes, skin irritations, mood changes, weight gain, etc)…..are you open to addressing them so you can manifest your intentions this year? Health coaching for pain relief piquing your interest?


I would love to be there by your side.

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