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I am so grateful for Tianna and the support she provided in this Health Reboot. I committed to 21 days and appreciated the guidance through the process. The structure and support systems in place (via the video check-ins, the app used, and website) all made the process easy. I noticed clear shifts in my Wellness- insomnia improves drastically, as did my PMS. I also noted improved energy most days, and reduced joint pain. I will definitely sign up for a future health reboot. Thank you, Tianna, for providing the support and answering any questions I had along the way.


Mind-Body Health Coaching is probably not something you “think” you need, right? But, have you ever heard your inner voice saying?…….

  • I feel bloated & gassy. Coffee is my morning digestive aide

  • I feel sad & irritable all at the same time

  • I’m still tired when I wake up.  I can’t seem to get a good nights sleep without Ambien & can’t get going without coffee.

  • Stressed & anxious are the new normal

  • I have persistent pain that won’t go away no matter what I do

  • Is it all in my head? Is something wrong with me? My doctor said my blood labs are all normal, but I don’t feel that way

  • And you may be thinking “I’m too young for this.” 


You can feel better. 

Sometimes we get into the hamster wheel. Pain. Medications for pain. Stomach pain, gas, bloating. More pain. Can’t sleep. Medications to sleep. Tired. Irritable. Can’t concentrate.

It could be the food/nutrients you’re putting in (or not putting in).

It could be food sensitivity that may have been stimulated by taking too much Advil or other medications.

It could be from a stressful lifestyle or mindset.

Will you join me in starting a new path of self-discovery into what the triggers might be?

Check out some Mind-Body Health Coaching options below, from a short 7 days, to a full month, to further down your journey.


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Because, you’ve been hearing the little voice inside whispering….”I can feel better.” 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to figure this out.

mind-body health coaching