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Holistic Physical Therapy: In-Person or via Telehealth

Tianna is here to help you

What is “Holistic Physical Therapy?” 

Holistic Physical Therapy is treating YOU, as a whole: Body, Mind & Spirit. You are not just your physical injury, so I don’t treat you that way.

I integrate my knowledge of Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, & Health Coaching to guide you out of pain, & back to doing things you love.

If we don’t address all aspects of your life (nutrition, relationships, stress, etc), you’ll keep chasing that pain, wondering why you’re not getting better.

I know that ongoing pain disrupts sleep, digestion, mood & your overall outlook on life.  So, you bet we’ll address it all! 

Available at YOUR home or YOUR office, serving Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley or via Telehealth

Tianna can help you with…..

Persistent/Chronic Pain: When pain persists past 3 months, it is then considered persistent (or chronic) pain. **list is not all inclusive

  • Back & Hip Pain

  • Neck, Jaw, & Shoulder Pain

  • Headaches, Migraines

Bowel, Bladder, Bones, Being:

  • Continence: Leakage upon sneeze, cough, or activity; Overactive Bladder

  • Pelvic pain, Painful sex, Painful urination

  • Digestion: Constipation, Diarrhea

  • Osteoporosis/ Osteopenia

  • Peri-Menopause/Hormonal Symptoms (age 30+): Excessive PMS, Energy Crashes, Poor Sleep, Anxiety, Irregular or Painful Periods, Tender breasts, Excessive Mood Shifts, etc


Resonate with any of these “Pain” points?

    Chronic Pain

  • I want freedom from pain meds & the “ick” of side effects. Help me out of this chronic pain. 

  • I want sex to be painless. It shouldn’t hurt & trust me, you can find that pleasure again.

  • These migraines are debilitating. And this pain in my jaw makes it hard to eat. Yep, these can be related to pelvic floor issues too (or not). Or stress, and diet…..

  • Emotional Well-Being

  • I’ve got to wake up feeling rested, this waking up in the middle of the night business needs to stop. I’ve got to get through the day without crashing mid-day.

  • I’m anxious, stressed out. I’ve got to be a more present parent, a patient caregiver to my aging parents, or a calm employee with clarity & zen to go to work every day.

  • Women’s Health Issues

  • Give me some relief from these darn UTI’s & painful peeing. These may actually be pelvic floor related.

  • I want a predictable period. Why is it too short? Too long? Painful? Is this normal? Let’s get to the source & find some rhythm out of up-and-down-ville.

  • I want control of these darn leaks when I laugh, sneeze, workout. Seriously, embarrassing. Good news, you can!

  • Seriously, can I get some ease from this gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea…. (fill in the blank)?  Absolutely, my dear, we can go there for relief.

  • What can I do to naturally support my bones? Have no fear of meds (or do) because you’re about to be empowered with alternatives.