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Improve digestion with Ayurveda: Pitta (on many different realms)  

This time, some practical tips and what it means to improve digestion with Ayurveda for Pitta dosha.

In Part I, we learned some of the basics of Ayurveda and how it pertains to health, and particularly how healthy digestion (food, thoughts, experiences) is at the root of health when it comes to Ayurveda. Now let’s look at some practical tips for connecting the dots for each dosha. This is the fun part, because once you start to see the connections and see the similarities in you and each dosha, then you can become empowered in your health. Things make sense and their solutions do too!


To repeat from Part IAyurveda describes each individual as being characterized by the interplay of the doshas. Doshas can be defined as a bioenergetic principle that functions throughout life in the human body.

These three subtle forces are known primarily by their effects. We are all born with a combination of each of the three, some of us resting more in one than another and always in flux, with the possibility of their energies becoming imbalanced. Sources of imbalance can be, what we put in our bodies, the environment, and the experiences that we have.

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Certain foods, based on their qualities and tastes are more balancing or aggravating for certain doshas. 

These tastes are based on the elements:

Sweet = Water & Earth

Sour = Earth & Fire

Salty = Fire & Water

Pungent = Fire & Air

Bitter = Air & Ether

Astringent = Air & Earth

You will also see these elements show up in each dosha. This helps to explain why certain foods have their specific effects on the doshas. For example, Sweet foods have the qualities of Water & Earth (heavy, moist, cooling)–so they would be balancing for vata. While Bitter foods have the qualities of Air & Ether (light, cooling, dry)–so they would be aggravating for vata. Starting to make sense? Like increases like. Opposites help to balance.

Let’s explore pitta dosha for some pragmatic tools in terms of improving digestion. pitta dosha

  • Most balancing tastes = sweet, bitter, astringent (water, earth, air & ether); cool, moist (think raw veggies, smoothies)
  • Most aggravating tastes = sour, salty, pungent (fire component elements with air); hot, spicy, sour (think hot peppers, vinegars, citrus)
  • Pitta tends towards diarrhea in terms of digestion. This means you may be having bowel movements several times a day. And it means it’s got a softer, more watery bowel movement. This is also not ideal. It means your digested material is moving through you too quickly, and you are possibly not digesting all the nutrients that you are taking in.
  • Are you eating too little Fiber that is causing your digestive system to speed up? Fiber Handout HERE.  There are certainly many reasons for diarrhea that are not just about eating pitta aggravating foods or eating too little fiber. Good idea to get to the source, but these are some simple ideas to consider.
  • Pitta also tends towards GERD, acid reflux and heart burn. We need to of course find the source of this response. Often times it can be too many of the above aggravating tastes, added to a mix of warmer environment, plus possible anger issues. Other times, these acidic responses may be due to not ENOUGH acid in the stomach. Seems counterintuitive, I know. Watch this short video I made about taking antacids long-term
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  • Coconut oil is a cooling oil to temper pittas fire. You can use it on your skin as moisturizer or use it in cooking.
  • Consider unresolved anger or unresolved forgiveness (undigested thoughts), may keep you up from 10pm to 2am.
  • Here are a few poses in a video for pitta balancing HERE

  Again, Ayurveda is a complex science, and I don’t claim to have all the answers here, because there are a lot of assessment and treatment options not explained. I’ve just touched on some possible ways to begin to view the sources of balance in digestion to create balance in life.  


Find the exploration for Vata HERE and for Kapha HERE

I welcome your feedback and if you find this information helpful, please share with your colleagues and your friends. I would love to hear how you may have already improved your digestion with Ayurveda or after reading this, you may start to incorporate it into your daily living.  Contact Tianna if you are seeking ways to add a more holistic lifestyle approach, called Yoga Therapy to improve your digestion with Ayurveda, so you can live in a space of vitality. I don’t claim to be an Ayurvedic practitioner, but within Yoga Therapy, these principles are utilized.


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