I have been reading a Dr Peter Levine’s work on trauma that is held in our bodies.  Pain is truly cerebral.  His work takes people through the acts of moving and sensations rather than focusing on old memories.  I have been using guided imagery (bhavana) with my patients and uncovering deep seeded roots. The emphasis is purely on feeling sensations in their body, that they are only sensations from body to brain, that the brain is the creator of the emotional attachment.  And then….I have them imagine they are moving without fear of moving, without pain.  They either come out of it with uncontrolled tears, from where, they don’t know or they come out with a new idea to change their path.  And sometimes they come out saying, “thanks for the journey.”  I see their breath change through the process.  Slow and controlled to rapid and shallow as they conjure up images. But in the end I bring them back to the breath, a movement which is under our control…..and remind them to Just Breathe.