I was treating a patient and they reported having pubic pain. At prior visits, she reported having pain in certain positions with her husband.  I delved deeper knowing the history of this patients pain was well seeded.  My initial intuition said this was something other than physical, but as a PT, during a PT visit, I had to think anatomical/biomechanical.  I laid suspect to the sacroiliac joint.  Finding a minor obliquity, I treated it with some muscle energy technique.  But my intuition was telling me that there was something more.  Asking, “when did it start?”  Patient replied, “when I was pregnant, 12 years ago today” (her sons birthday).  Ahhh, and “was it a difficult pregnancy?”  “Yes,” she replied.  It had been a difficult and lengthy birthing process.  I said, there you go…..you need to get past that trauma to heal yourself.  I can treat the physical all day long, but in the end, it is possible that that trauma is held in your pubic region.

The next visit a week later, she reported no pubic pain and has felt better since.  Was it my one time muscle energy treatment?  Perhaps.  But she reported to me that she performed a “healing” on herself that day….imagining a full, easy birth. She continues to report absence of pubic pain and no discomfort when with her husband.

It goes back to Peter Levine’s work on trauma held in the body and Somatic Experiencing.  When we can get past old trauma within a physical sensory experience, we have a better chance of not holding onto old memories.

If I had just thought as a PT, I would probably still be treating her sacroiliac dysfunction.  I am grateful for my yoga therapy training and seeing past the physical.

And I remind myself to breathe.