Life Purpose

Believe that having a Purpose In Life could save your life? Understand that more than the postures, Yoga Therapy also involves sustaining that purpose?

Did you know that Yoga (Yoga Therapy) is much more than just the posture practice (asana)? If you’ve been with me long enough, you probably do. It’s your “Yoga off the mat.”


  • It’s about your physical presence and taking care of the vessel that you were born with (annamaya-kosha)
  • It’s about the way we show up energetically in every day life. As a positive force of compassion and gratitude, or perhaps in some other way that tends toward fear and negativity (pranamaya-kosha)
  • It’s the maturation of our ability to act versus react. The ability to quiet the mind and focus on the here and now (manomaya-kosha)
  • It’s our willingness to continue to learn and be open and curious–about self, about others, about our connection to each other (vijnanamaya-kosha)
  • It’s about connecting to something/someone beyond ourselves. You might find this with prayer, with service to others, to spiritual practice that expands you, beyond you (anandamaya-kosha)


And in fact this last one can sometimes be the most important one that sustains us with a sense of purpose. Which, for many of us, has been struck down with recent limitations during our experience with COVID-19.


You may have lost your job. Or ability to connect with friends/family. Loss of connection through regular in-person activities. And perhaps lost your ability to be able to serve others in a volunteer capacity. And while online connection is there, it’s not entirely the same.


And we may have opportunity to meet in-person, but the mask hides some of the true connection. Unbeknownst to us, our brain pulls a lot of information from the face to determine what’s going on in any given moment, and we rely on it to sense what the other is feeling.


This came up for us in conversation this last week during one of the Live Yoga Classes.


Purpose in life is a key to healthy living. 

Purposeful living = a self-organizing life aim that stimulates goals, promotes healthy behaviors, and gives meaning to life. I would link it the realm of spirituality.


In a health and retirement study (“Association Between Life Purpose and Mortality Among US Adults Older Than 50 Years”. Alimujiang et al., 2019), with 6985 participants, the results indicated that Life Purpose was significantly associated with all-cause mortality.  Meaning, that in consideration of other causes, like sociodemographic factors, smoking status, physical activity, alcohol consumption, body mass index, presence of chronic health conditions, and functional status, Life Purpose was more associated with mortality.


So, I leave you with this. How are you practicing your Yoga Off the Mat? –especially given our current experience of social distancing.


  • Perhaps you have a prayer or meditation practice that sustains your spirituality. If not, send me an email and we can discover a practice together.
  • Can you find a way to be of service to others or each other? I have some ideas, so if you’re seeking, send me to an email.
  • Can you connect to nature?  We have so many lovely areas to “be” in the Bay Area and beyond. Nature reminds us that we are in a marvelous existence and NOT alone.
  • Maybe we intertwine the previous two options….connect with someone to go for a walk or outing together. You never know how much you may be helping someone else by this simple gesture.


Here’s to your being-well, on and off the mat.


I welcome your feedback and if you find this information helpful, please share with your colleagues, friends & family. I would love to hear how you may be struggling or thriving with maintaining a purpose in life.  Contact Tianna if you are seeking ways to take your yoga off the mat, so you can live with greater content, inside and out.

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