Telehealth Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga, & Coaching ⇒

You may consider Physical Therapy to all just hands-on, in-person work.

But Telehealth Physical Therapy can be just as effective for many concerns.

It all happens just as it would if we were together for an in-person visit.

But no need to get dressed up, no need to drive. You can stay snug in your home or office and receive immediate care.

This is for YOU if you:

  • you’re concerned about your health and COVID-19 and in-person PT is not an option
  • want a hassle free way to consult with your Holistic PT about an old injury/pain or something new
  • want immediate care so you can stress less about your Pain/Injury/Surgery
  • are traveling (in California) & need some assistance while away
  • can’t find time to get away from the office
  • are a mother unable to find childcare
  • are just out of surgery & can’t get in to see your PT for another 3 weeks!

Access to Holistic Physical Therapy, Yoga Therapy & Coaching from the comfort of WHEREVER you are. Available if you live in California or are visiting California

Did you know that in California, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to see a PT for an initial evaluation. In fact, you won’t need a referral until 12 visits or 45 days (whichever comes first).

I was dealing with chronic tightness in my shoulders and neck with considerable shoulder pain on one side. I found our work together to be very effective and motivating. What I enjoyed most about our online sessions was that I could meet her from home via my laptop, and never had any issues with the technology. I could always see and hear her clearly. She has a very warm and uplifting personality which created ease during our sessions. She gave me some great new stretches, which when done regularly, made a huge impact on my comfort and range of motion. The app that she provided came with videos of each stretch so I could do access them on the go. Within a few weeks I was pain free. As a yoga teacher, I valued her approach which included regular discussions of stress levels, and emotional/mental wellness. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for guidance and expertise on their road to healing and well being!



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