the fog will lift

Hey you!

I’m here to tell you…..The. Fog. Will. Lift.


Gosh how the tides can turn!  I mean it. And not just in the grand scheme of things….because it’s been about a month and a half now since Shelter In Place orders. And we’re looking at another month here. But I mean, the tide shift from day to day. Anyone else feel me?


Our nights seem peaceful. I feel like I can sigh relief of another day that we’ve gotten through this. Husband is in a good mood–maybe because he’s gotten some exercise from kitesurfing,  social connection (6 feet apart) with our kiting buddies and sunlight—all good things to boost those feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin


Then the morning comes and it’s like Jeckyll and Hyde.


He’s back to stressing, worrying….full of stories he’s making in his own head about how things are going to fall down. How we’re going to crash….have to move, have to give up our businesses. The money that’s going out but not coming back in. The way it’s going to be like this for a while.


It’s fear speaking. And rightly so. It’s like a deep fog that settles in when you’re already feeling lost and abandoned.

I’ve had similar conversations in my own head when it’s come to my chronic pain experience. The fretting and rising of the “small self.”  The side of you that grows with the negative internal talk.


Your very purpose (dharma) on this planet is put into question. Who am I without my job? Who am I if I have to uproot myself and completely shift to a new place without the familiar faces? Who am I if I can’t support my family?


And the fog lifts and the tide comes in and things seem normal again.

Until, they don’t.  Again.


But as with all things, this is temporary. This feeling. This emotion. This sensation. This thought.

And perhaps, just perhaps, things are just as they should be. Even if it seems like it’s not.  Because we never know in the moment what that hardship will bring us towards. Or away from. Just like our pain experience feels so uncomfortable in the moment…..years later, we can be grateful for what it taught us.


And that is what I will continue to try to take from the experience of these recent days and the days to come…..reminding myself that years from now, I might just have gratitude for what these days taught me. (crossing my toes)


And look what serendipitously entered my life this week…..sharing from The Daily Flame. Doesn’t this just fit this sentiment?

Sometimes it feels like you’re cruising along the waters of life with great forward momentum and then your boat runs aground. Suddenly everything comes to a screeching halt. The tide has gone out, and the fog comes in. You’re too far from your starting point to go back and too far from your destination to doggie-paddle out
You’re stuck.
You’re stranded.
Where are you?
What do you do now?
This space between what was and what will be is a magical place; a potent mysterious place of waiting and becoming; a place to relish, respect and reassure yourself that everything is just as it should be.
If this space between stories feels threatening to the productive part of you that wants to “do,” relax. This space between is a time to just “be.”
Settle into the space between, following your breath if you have no idea what else to follow.
Take solace that when the time to do something arises, you will know.
How will you know? Because I will tell you, my love.
When the time is ripe, the tide will come back in, the fog will lift, you’ll see clearly again and know how to proceed.
With you in the fog,

Peace In,

If you found this writing helpful/insightful, please share it. If it left you with more questions, please feel free to contact Tianna to see how we can begin to work together to help you improve your pain experience.

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