Tat tvam asi, “I am that.” But your doctor wrote you that you were a bulging disc, or a torn rotator cuff, or a neck strain, or a ruptured achilles tendon, etc, etc.  Understand that you are more than your diagnosis.  There is more to you than is written on that prescription pad. You are more than the physical body; you are a mental body, an intellectual body, a spiritual body. And with that, you can not be fixed.  I see patients daily, often with a dozen or so co-morbidities and a half dozen or so medications to “treat” the co-morbidities. They come to me, asking me to “fix me.”  Wow, talk about heavy load. I immediately put it out there……”I am afraid I can’t “fix” you.  Fortunately, all that you need on your path to healing, is within you. That is when the education begins, as does the healing.  With education about our bodies own internal regulation, sometimes with conscious effort and sometimes without, we can learn to read the signals and to change the way the brain perceives them (thank you Neil Pearson, www.lifeisnow.ca).  And a transformation occurs from the external of “me fixing you” to your own empowerment of internal control.  The point is, that “I am that,” full, whole and complete, just as you are (thank you B.K., www.niroga.org).  There is nothing to be fixed, it’s just changing the way we perceive.

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As I assist my patients with learning awareness in her breath and the body, I remind myself to Just Breathe.

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